Amber Russell sets course to operate personal injury law firm


Amber Russell Law Firm staff include Senior Counsel Jean Phillips, Partner Lawyer Kayla Aitken, Senior Paralegal Kerri Ball, Legal Assistant Sam Williams and Executive Director Mimi Jaye.

Amber Russell has always been passionate about the law and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. This ultimately led her to realize another passion of owning her own business: she opened Amber Russell’s law firm in 2021 and now has three offices in Austin, Waco and Dallas. [Frisco]. “It’s a passion since I saw how much a person can make a difference as a lawyer for a large group of people or change a person’s life,” said Russell, who worked in the area of ​​personal injury law for two years. decades. “I spent the first half of my career as a defense lawyer. Although I received a great training and worked with fantastic people, it just didn’t satisfy the passion I had for doing a difference for individuals. ” A key factor that sets Russell’s firm apart is a combination of experience, compassion and resources. “Our team keeps very small files on purpose,” she said. “We intentionally limit the number of customers we serve at all times. We want to be the law firm that knows all of our clients. Russell said his company takes pride in telling the whole story to all those who have suffered loss or injustice; for example, his firm used technology to show how people’s losses really are. “I worked with the same man who works with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to age the photos so that they can show, when a family loses someone, what it would have been like if that person had been around in 10 years to graduate high school, 20 years to marriage and all those milestones that people miss, “said Russell. “Find a way to [visually] showing it to people really makes a difference. Another facet that sets Russell’s law firm apart is the volunteer work of its team. “For those who cannot afford legal services in specific areas, we try to help survivors of family law issues and cannot otherwise afford legal help,” Russell said. “The last thing we want is for someone who has escaped violence to be stuck in a situation because they can’t afford a lawyer to get out of it.” To assist in these situations, office staff include Senior Counsel Jean Phillips, Associate Counsel. Kayla Aitken, Senior Paralegal Kerri Ball, Legal Assistant Sam Williams and Executive Director Mimi Jaye. “I am grateful to the lawyers we have added to our team this year. They both bring great talent to our team,” said Russell. “Everyone on our team, from first hires to now, are fantastic. ”Russell’s law firms are also always looking for ways to give back to the community.[Aitken] has a mock trial experience and in the Frisco area we had a local high school that was competing and didn’t have a sponsor lawyer for their team, ”she said. “We also talk to local elementary schools and do lectures in all the local communities on topics like Insurance 101. We go around and talk to different groups of lawyers, different community groups and schools. We discuss the important questions to ask so that you have protected yourself and your loved ones. Russell said one of the goals of his law firms is to change the way people view personal injury lawyers. “Our goal as a firm is to change that image because what we do is so important to our clients and to society,” she said. “The Founding Fathers thought this was important enough to make it one of the 10 Amendments – the right to a jury trial, even in civil cases. I want to change the perspective of people so that they can see the difference that we are able to make and just put the cover back. For more information on Russell’s personal injury law firm, visit The above story was produced by the Community Impact storytelling team with information only provided by the local business as part of their purchase of “sponsored content” through our advertising team. Our promise of integrity to our readers is to clearly identify all CI Storytelling articles so that they are segregated from the content decided upon, researched and written by our journalism department.


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