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YOU HAVE CHANGED – Many law firm executives are eager to bring their lawyers and staff back to the office, but how many really understand who Will be back ? As’s Andrew Maloney reports, the combination of recent hires and departures, along with new recognition of the stressors of home life and the overall pandemic toll, means business leaders will welcome again a very different mix of employees than the one who left the office in March 2020, both literally and psychologically. “I am convinced that coming back to the office will be almost as traumatic as leaving it 18 months ago. Because in the months that followed people went through a lot of trauma and anxiety, ”Jim Jones, senior researcher at the Georgetown Law Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession, told Maloney. “You have a different group of people coming back. And the most successful companies will understand this and manage their employees well. One way to do this is to make his entry into the office worth it. “We’ve talked a lot about making sure the teams come in and collaborate with each other, so people know when they’re coming in, the people they want to see, their groups, are going to be in the office as well,” Joe said. Krasovec. , Managing Partner at Schiff Hardin. “The concept is trying to bring people back with a purpose, so you don’t have somebody coming in and then realizing, ‘I could have done the exact same thing from home. “”


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