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BOISE, Idaho РPresident of Boise State University Dr Marl̬ne Tromp has been named to the NCAA Division I board of directors as a representative for Mountain West, the league office said Thursday.

The Board of Directors is the senior governing body of Division I, responsible for strategy and policy, and oversight of legislation and management of the division.

“Boise State is a proud member of the Mountain West Conference,” said Dr. Tromp. “Our Broncos have made their mark on the national stage, and I am delighted to be part of the national conversation about varsity athletics. It is an honor to represent our conference in this role.”

The board has 24 members, and Tromp is one of 20 university presidents and chancellors nationwide and Idaho’s sole representative. The board includes a president or chancellor from each conference in the Football Bowl subdivision and 10 rotating seats from the 22 remaining conferences. The board also includes a sports director, a faculty sports representative, a senior administrator and a student-athlete.

“The Mountain West is pleased to have Boise State President Marlene Tromp represent the Conference on the NCAA Division I Board of Directors at this pivotal moment in the history of intercollegiate athletics,” said the Commissioner. Mr. W. Craig Thompson. “Working in concert with her fellow League Presidents and Conference staff, she will articulate and advance Mountain West’s perspective. “

The Board of Directors focuses on strategic topics in college sports and their relationship to higher education, monitors legislation to ensure it does not conflict with policies and goals, reviews and approves policies and procedures governing the offense program, approve an annual budget, pass legislation when important values ​​are at stake or a problem requires swift action that does not allow use of the regular legislative process, and collaborates with the NCAA on how the national office can better serve members of Division I.

As of January 1, 2022, Dr. Tromp will serve on the Board of Directors for four years, until August 2026.

“I have appreciated Dr. Tromp’s leadership since arriving at Boise State and know she will do an incredible job helping to lead the efforts of our industry’s national organization,” Athletic Director Jeramiah dickey noted. “These are historic moments in college athletics, and I’m excited about the impact she will have on the future of all institutions at our level while representing the Broncos and Mountain West.”



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