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MURRAY – After four months of research, the Calloway County Board of Health hired two new administrators.

On June 18, the Calloway County Health Department posted two vacancies on social media. These positions were those of director of public health and director of nursing. According to job descriptions, it is important to have a director of public health as they are the ones who assess and analyze the state of health of the county. Not only do they take care of the medical side, but they also take care of the sanitation side which involves water and wastewater. The director of public health also acts as secretary of the board. It is also important to have a director of nursing, as he is responsible for the planning, organization, direction and financial management of nursing programs.

The former director of public health was Amy Ferguson, who resigned on August 22, 2020. She had held the title since 2015, when Linda Cavitt retired from that position. Director of Nursing Kim Paschall was appointed Acting Director of Public Health after Ferguson left, and after Paschall recently left the department, Cavitt served as Acting Director of Public Health. Now the board has hired Jamie Hughes as director of public health and Joe Crawford as director of nursing.

Calloway County Executive Judge Kenny Imes, who is acting president following the death of former president Dr Bill Giese, said there were 10 candidates, who were reduced to three for director of public health.

“Any of the three would have been great,” Imes said, “but Jamie is perfect for looking at the big picture so you don’t focus too much on one aspect.”

Hughes’ first day was Monday, September 20 and said his main focus right now is to learn the ropes of how Calloway works, as each county has its own culture. He also said he would work on COVID-19 measures “with the amazing staff who are already there”.

Before Hughes started in Calloway County, he was director of human resources in the Marshall County Public Health Department for four years. He studied at Mid-Continent University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in business management and his master’s degree in human resources management.

The Ledger & Times also attempted to contact Crawford, but he was not available.


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