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Since the Covid pandemic and a change in school procedures, educators and parents are also concerned about socio-emotional side effects.

Oswego 308 board member Ally Swanson, who also teaches in the West Aurora School District, made the request at the January 308 school board meeting on social-emotional lessons in the classroom. .

In a presentation by the Director of Social-Emotional Learning and Community Engagement, Dr. Heidi Podjasek and 308 Board Member Swanson participated in this discussion.

Board members Eugene Gatewood and LaTonya Simelton had these thoughts.

Oswego 308 is already redesigning secondary student guidance and support services to meet the needs of more students. In each high school, a room has been dedicated as a “appeasement” room. In the community, the health services are called upon to help with education. Recorded socio-emotional presentations and workshops for parents are being considered.

According to the district’s presentation, social-emotional lessons can improve academic achievement by 11 percentile points while promoting positive classroom behavior. In addition, the lessons deal with harassment, signs of suicide and bullying.

Social-emotional learning became a state-mandated initiative in 2003.

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