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The Dunkirk Town Planning Council is a little too strict when it comes to reviewing the plans for a pavilion at the Dunkirk Lighthouse. At a meeting last month, the committee did not allow construction of the structure because, as designed, the pavilion is essentially a large, generic hangar.

“It looks like something you would see at the county fairgrounds,” said board member Ed Schober, technically downplaying the plans. Other board members agreed.

But here is the problem. The historic Dunkirk lighthouse is run by a group of volunteers and is struggling financially. They don’t have the funds to create big plans for the nautical themes that the Planning Board members seem to want.

Looking at the latest Lighthouse 990 form, no one is getting paid – and his income is $40,000 a year. The pavilion is supposed to help with fundraising. His building was not meant to be a drain on finances.

There is something that can help the two entities find a solution. If Dunkirk has additional funds from the American Recovery Protection Act, the Lighthouse would be a worthy recipient.

Of course, there is a major problem with this. Members of the Dunkirk City Council decided last year that they would rather pay themselves bonuses than put the money back into the community. This $10,000 would have been higher if the money had been donated to a voluntary organization.

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