Education is a team sport based on respect


Over the past several months, citizens around the world have reviewed and listened to the discussions on public education and the impact of the pandemic on students and education staff. Concerns raised include poor academic performance and the growing equity gap, social and emotional digression and trauma from neglect, abuse and loss, child hunger and homelessness as a result of loss. employment, staff shortages, inadequate infrastructure including poor ventilation and lack of broadband connectivity and budget deficits due to low student enrollment rates.

As a member of the school board, I am grateful for the renewed civic engagement and interest in public education. I sincerely hope that this renewed commitment will continue and that it will remain positive and collaborative with an eye towards lasting change that translates into quality and equity for all young people. I also hope that we maintain the will to celebrate victories big and small, and that we remain patient with each other, knowing that change will not come overnight. I have had the honor to serve as a member of the APS School Board, representing District 1, which spans the South Valley and includes the Atrisco Heritage and Rio Grande high school groups.

I look forward to welcoming the four new school board members following the election and pledge to continue to work together to address the issues that lie ahead. The solutions and changes we need now will be difficult to tackle, and not all of them will be easy to fund. I am committed to continuing to value the passion and ideas of our school staff, parents, students and the community and I promise to respect their desire to create a public education experience that values ​​and meets the needs of all. the children.

Students and staff deserve to be in safe and healthy buildings constructed to support advanced technology; they deserve to have access to quality educators as well as to educational resources, tools and materials; and they also deserve support services to address the challenges and barriers affecting learning.

Public education is a “team sport” and requires collaborative partnerships at all levels to meet all of these demands. The first level of partnership begins with the “team” made up of the school board and general management.

We must commit to building and maintaining a team based on mutual respect, driven by shared decision-making and integrity, and we must further commit to supporting and promoting a common vision and message that makes it known to the community: “We all see you, we all hear you and we all appreciate you.

Thank you in advance for closely examining the candidates for the school board and for voting. There is so much to do and I know there is a lot we can and will get if we work as a team.

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