Kyndryl develops its ecosystem through a partnership with Google Cloud


Kyndryl has partnered with Google Cloud in a relationship that further propels the IBM spin-off beyond Big Blue’s orbit and underscores its multi-cloud goals.

Etienne Leonard

The New York-based infrastructure service provider freed himself from IBM in November 2021. Since then, the company has formed alliances with a handful of companies. A pact with Microsoft was Kyndryl’s first partnership move. The company has also formed a strategic association with VMware and maintains SAP certifications.

With the Google Cloud partnership in hand, Stephen Leonard, Head of Global Alliances and Partnerships at Kyndryl, cited “the ability for us to grow beyond the IBM universe into the larger universe of industry and industry. ‘bring skills and capacities to develop on Google and Azure “.

Kyndryl’s website lists AWS in its partner ecosystem, but the service provider has yet to disclose a strategic partnership with AWS.

Certifications and cloud offerings at your fingertips

Kyndryl’s cloud services staff will receive training through a specialized program funded by Google, which will, in a short time, result in more than 5,000 Google Cloud certifications, Leonard said. He said Google Certified Practitioners would provide the “basic building block” for the relationship.

On this basis, Kyndryl and Google Cloud plan to develop services in four areas: data, analytics and AI; SAP on Google Cloud; company edge; and financial services. This latest offering aims to help financial services customers run workloads on Google Cloud and meet industry regulations, Leonard said.

Additionally, Kyndryl plans to expand training beyond the initial certification push. This training cycle will allow the company’s Google Cloud executive to integrate a customer’s application landscape on a deeper level, Leonard said. To that end, Kyndyrl will create services that will bridge a customer’s on-premises, mission-critical and cloud workloads, while ensuring security, business resiliency and high availability, he said. These pre-built integration services will free customers from assembling the technical infrastructure on which their applications will reside, he added.

Differentiation of partners

Google’s cloud partner base is in the thousands, but Kyndryl’s relationship stands out for several reasons. “The company was created from an organization that has incredible expertise and services,” said Chris Webber, research director for IDC Strategic Alliances. “This gives customers confidence that their critical business and IT transformation efforts will be successful. It is an essential differentiator in the market. “

The company was created from an organization that has an incredible strength of expertise and services.

Chris webberResearch Director, IDC Strategic Alliances

Kyndryl’s best practices and business methodologies provide additional credibility, Webber noted. He also cited Kyndryl’s track record of complex integrations and understanding and solving business issues.

The Kyndryl-Google alliance will continue to operate in various industries. Leonard said the focus will include regulated industries such as banking and sectors adopting 5G and advanced computing such as manufacturing, retail and utilities. In October 2021, Google introduced a distributed cloud that extends its cloud to edge locations and customer data centers.

IBM expands its list of MuleSoft services

IBM Consulting plans to expand its roster of certified MuleSoft personnel.

The move is part of a global relationship between IBM and MuleSoft, a Salesforce company that provides an integration and API platform. The main focus of the deal is for MuleSoft to expand its Anypoint Runtime Fabric to run on Red Hat OpenShift, an offering MuleSoft is expected to deliver in 2022. API management and governance tools to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

IBM Consulting’s expansion of MuleSoft skills, meanwhile, will increase its ability to provide services to common clients, said Meir Amiel, MuleSoft’s product manager.

The consulting arrangement, however, does not change MuleSoft’s overall partnership approach. “We will continue, in parallel, to work with other partners who provide services, as we have done in the past,” said Amiel.

IBM Consulting, launched in October 2021, is a rebranding of IBM’s professional services division. the spin-off of IBM’s managed infrastructure business as a separate organization triggered the decision to create a “sharper focus” for its service line, according to IBM.

Digital leaders shift the speed of transformation to innovation

Companies that overcame the initial hurdles of their digital transformation have moved on to more innovative projects.

A report from Boston Consulting Group, a management consulting firm, said the first wave of transformation focused on reengineering core business functions such as sales, marketing and supply chain management. . Organizations that have broadened their first forays into business-to-business initiatives are “clearly moving from digital reengineering to innovation” the report noted. Innovation projects surface both in core businesses and in new businesses.

“Successful digital transformers are raising the stakes, and as they leverage their digital skills to innovate faster and better, the gap will widen between winning digital transformers and their lagging competitors,” according to the BCG.

Other consulting firms have also noted the rise of innovation among digital leaders and a growing digital divide between these companies and the laggards. Accenture research found that before the pandemic, organizations with the highest digital investment grew revenue twice as fast as companies with lower levels of investment. During the pandemic, however, digital leaders increased their incomes five times faster than laggards.

Gavriella SchusterGavriella Schuster

Other news

  • Open Systems, a cybersecurity service provider in Redwood City, Calif., Has appointed former Microsoft chain executive Gavriella Schuster to its board. Schuster left Microsoft earlier this year, having served as corporate vice president for the One Commercial Partner organization.
  • MajorKey Technologies, an MSP and technology strategy firm in Chicago, has acquired Valance Group Inc., a digital transformation consulting firm. Seattle-based Valance brings 90 consultants and engineers to MajorKey, which now employs more than 650 people. The deal, backed by investment firm The Acacia Group, also adds technical expertise in areas such as AI, machine learning, data integration and user-centric design. MajorKey emerged earlier this year when Gryphon Investors acquired the ServiceNow business unit from Highmetric and the remaining business was renamed MajorKey.
  • The Green Software Foundation, which consulting firms Accenture and Thoughtworks co-founded earlier this year, released the alpha version of the Software carbon intensity specification. The specification is used to calculate a score based on the carbon emission rate of a software system. Microsoft and GitHub are the other co-founders of the foundation. In addition, Chicago-headquartered Thoughtworks has implemented a split-offsets management system for Tradewater, a company that focuses on preventing greenhouse gas emissions. The system allows Tradewater to offer web tools that its subscribers use to measure the carbon effects of daily tasks, trips or other activities. Sustainability consulting services have taken off in recent months as companies seek help in designing and measuring carbon reduction programs.
  • D&H Distributing will launch a partnership program next month, which aims to help partners develop practices in areas such as unified communications, security and professional audiovisual. The Harrisburg, PA distributor’s PartnerFI community will consist of two networks: one for K-12 partners and one for more traditional VAR and MSP partners. The program also offers discounts on D&H services such as asset labeling, credit offerings and quarterly “solution trainings”, the company said.

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