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Dear reader,

I would like to say that I was not supposed to be the general manager. My first staff meeting at The Wake was spent anxiously wondering if my New Yorker tote bag was overkill. I remember thinking, “wow, I will forever be an intern.” I am here by pure chance.

At the start of my freshman year, I was terrified of my own opinions. I would have called myself an extreme pacifist, I hated stepping on other people’s ideas. As for me, I didn’t know anything and listening would be the only way to understand. I guess you could say I joined The Wake as a sort of immersion therapy. Working as an intern meant not only that I had to have an opinion, but that I had to share it. So I started with what I knew best, listening. My first articles were simple reviews where I could put outside opinions together with my own. Slowly, but surely, I started taking the reins of my own thoughts until I nurtured the idea behind my articles. I’ve written about fashion addictions, dealing with isolation, and how terrifying men are in a rave setting. My experiences became something to contemplate, and I found myself wanting to tell my side of the story without backing down from outside opinion.

Now, after hastily accepting an offer via zoom, I’m doing my best to pass on a legacy. The wake was founded to inspire change and excite a community. With recent towering realities such as the loss of women’s rights and extreme environmental destruction, I realize more than ever the importance of community. The Wake is here at the forefront of bringing attention to what this world needs to fix. But more than that, we’re here to celebrate the steps we’ve taken in the right direction.

Writing helped me find my voice, and that’s something I will never take for granted. As I step into a new position, I’m excited to speak up for what I enjoy. Plus, I’m excited to see new interpretations of old thoughts and meaningful experiences from all walks of life. Our lived stories can change the way the world perceives, and by sharing them, we can begin to make a difference for the better. Wake magazine is at the heart of my convictions; compassion inspires the connection that inspires change.

I hope you will understand our stories. I hope you will find a community in our pages. I’m glad I took that offer rather than zoom in, and I always (unabashedly) carry my New Yorker tote bag to staff meetings.


Marie Ronnandre

Executive Director


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