Manitowoc School Board Members’ Recall Gathering Focuses on COVID Response


MANITOWOC – Reminder MPSD held a rally ahead of the Manitowoc school board meeting on Tuesday to collect signatures on two reminder petitions, one for school board member Dave Nickels and one for board member Meredith Sauer .

“The public wants to be heard and we want you to start making unbiased and informed decisions,” said Jeanette Deschene, Member of Recall MPSD, at the board meeting. “… We want our children to have an education they can be proud of. We must be able to work together to find a compromise.

The rally brought together dozens of people, some holding signs saying they wanted a change within the school board and others expressing support for the school board.

Nickels, who is the chairman of the board, has been a member since 2016 and Sauer was first elected in 2019. Both terms end in six months and their seats will be elected in April.

In Wisconsin, elected officials can be removed if they have completed at least one year of their current term. An intention to circulate recall petitions was filed with the Manitowoc City Clerk’s office on October 4, and the group has until December 3 to collect more than 4,000 signatures.

If the revocation requests are successful, a certificate of sufficiency is filed and the revocation election would take place six weeks later.

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Deschene, a Manitowoc resident and parent of two, said she and other parents have come together to remind Nickels and Sauer of their disappointment with the way they handled COVID-19 protocols at school .

“Several board members have expressed their lack of knowledge on topics discussed at board meetings and have ignored growing groups of parents who feel poorly represented,” she said. declared. “… There is a dereliction of duty and we must regain trust, transparency and inclusion for all families. “

Deschene was one of dozens who spoke at the board meeting‘s public contribution – some who agreed with his sentiment about Nickels and Sauer, and others who thought that the recall was a waste of time and effort.

Other speakers expressed their opinions on a variety of topics such as mask mandates, critical breed theory and vaccines.

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