Miner County Minerals | Harbert, member of the Creede Board of Education, resigns


CREEDE – Creede School Board trustee Jen Harbert resigned in mid-September after serving for almost two years.

At the September 21 meeting, council members voted 4-0 to accept his resignation and discussed the procedure for filling the vacant seat.

The Education Council is now entering its electoral cycle with three seats open for the November elections. With Harbert’s recent resignation, the board may try to find a replacement.

“The question is whether there is sufficient time to fill the vacant position as we have done in the past with the resignation of a member of the board of directors. It was the attorney’s opinion that the time was too short to fill the vacant position, ”explained Dave Robinson, Chairman of the Creede Board of Education.

Robinson said the window of time available to fill a vacant position by police would be over one day before the November election.

“For this reason, it is not necessary to request a replacement for the seat before the elections. The process would have been to accept the resignation at that meeting and then, if we were to fill the vacant position, we would have announced the vacant seat at the next meeting, which puts us on the date of the elections, ”explained the trustee Kara Brittian.

The board elected to wait until November to fill the vacant position when the newly elected board members join the board.

“It looks like our time would be better spent waiting until after the election and filling the vacancy at that time,” Brittian said.

Creede school principal John Goss mentioned that the school will be hosting a Meet the Candidates night on October 5 at 5 p.m. at the school.

Creede school teacher Tereasa Wall said she is currently accepting suggestions for questions from the audience and will do so until 4 p.m. on the day of the event.

“The students leading the discussion have already started compiling questions and we plan to broadcast them live, but we would like the public questions to be submitted before the night of the event. The students are really excited to be a part of this project, ”Wall said.

At the moment, there are three seats open for the election and five candidates running – Leslie Leggett, Matthew Sliwkowski, Brittni Shambaugh Addison, Jennifer Castleberry and Greg Pearson.


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