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Supervisors have had discussions in recent weeks on various debt issuance possibilities. One of the challenges facing the county is the fact that going with the higher leverage possibilities for CHS – and therefore a larger and more ideal project – would place tighter restrictions on the locality’s ability to s ” take on debt for other projects over the next few years.

Montgomery County recently reached debt capacity – and therefore was unable to borrow for a few years – after a number of high school construction projects were completed in the early 2010s.

Another challenge that district officials have addressed in the recent discussion with supervisors is the rise of other infrastructure needs in the district, particularly in the school component of Blacksburg.

Blacksburg Middle School, for example, needs some roofing work, which could cost as much as $ 2 million, Kranz said.

“The majority of our schools are over 50,” he said.

However, some school board members stressed the need to immediately address the issues of the Christiansburg component, which has long been plagued by overcrowding.

The need to tackle the Christiansburg shutter was identified about two decades ago, but the problems in this community have been put on hold due in part to external factors such as the late 2000s recession and the collapse in 2010 from the roof of the gymnasium of the former high school in Blacksburg. school board member Penny Franklin said.



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