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It remains unclear whether Niskayuna’s ethics committee will pursue two complaints filed last year against then-council member Denise Murphy McGraw.

On Wednesday evening, three members of the ethics committee met in an executive session with city attorney Alaina Finan for about half an hour to discuss the matter.

After the executive session, Finan would not comment on what happened during the closed session, but said, “I imagine there will be more information in the future on this. “.

Board members Tracy Cazer and Jill LaFlamme, who previously recused themselves from the code of ethics, said, “The termination of the term or employment of any officer or employee of the City (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) shall not affect the jurisdiction of the Régie with respect to the requirements imposed by this chapter on a former officer or employee, but in no case shall the Commission have jurisdiction over a former officer or employee if a hearing has not been commenced in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter within one year of the termination of an officer or City employee’s term of office or employment with the City.”

During the meeting, the council also discussed the examination of the declarations of financial situation of the elected officials.

“I think they’re supposed to file them within 30 days of taking office and no later than April, I can’t remember exactly,” Chairman John Sharkey said.

Tracy Cazer and Jill LaFlamme, who are returning to the board, said they haven’t reviewed them in the past.

Finan said she would further consider the matter to be discussed at the next board meeting in March.

The council also failed to provide annual updates to the city council, which is listed as one of its duties.

The board will also discuss at its next meeting adding new language to its complaint form to ensure that the person submitting the complaint is who they say they are and attests to what is written in the complaint.

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