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AUSTIN, Texas, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Praecipio Consulting, a leading IT services and business process management consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, today announced an investment from Periscope Equity, alongside Praecipio Consulting Management. Periscope Equity is a ChicagoPrivate equity firm focused on high growth, technology-driven, high-growth services and software companies. With the investment from Periscope Equity, Praecipio Consulting is able to play a bigger role in helping organizations around the world solve complex business problems, empower teams to perform at their best, and drive exceptional customer experiences through technology and process-based solutions. As part of the transaction, Periscope Equity plans to commit significant additional capital to fund future acquisitions and new growth opportunities.

“In terms of scale and leadership in the space, Praecipio Consulting has differentiated itself as a true strategic advisor at the enterprise level with strong customer-centric business practices and superior technical capabilities,” said Periscope Equity Principal. Eric hinkle. “Praecipio Consulting has experienced significant growth over the past five years and with this growth they have made the investments necessary to scale, thus creating an ideal platform investment. Our strategy is to join forces with Atlassian Solution Partners and to build the leading Scaled Agile, DevOps, and global service management consulting firm. “

“Our partnership with Periscope Equity aligns remarkably well with our vision for the future of the digital landscape and the important role businesses play in improving the human experience and creating meaningful change,” said Christian way, CEO and founding partner of Praecipio Consulting. “As we complete our fifteenth year in business, we look forward to this exciting new chapter, one where we can capitalize on the opportunity to accelerate growth, deliver more business value to corporate clients around the world. and to have a collective impact in our communities. “

For nearly two decades, Atlassian tools have enabled millions of organizations to streamline business and IT processes, collaborate effectively, and achieve enterprise-wide agility. As business leaders face increasing uncertainty in an ever-changing marketplace, Fortune 500 companies continue to rely on Atlassian’s visionary products to bridge the digital divide, evolve Agile processes and align various sales teams. Due to its long history of successful and large-scale Atlassian deployments, today’s business challenges have created a significant opportunity for Praecipio Consulting to streamline multi-environment siled implementations of Atlassian products and other digital technologies. through best-in-class business practices, consulting services, integration services and training.

“Praecipio Consulting has been instrumental in the success of our clients, providing their Atlassian expertise and unique services to companies across many industries,” said Cameron Deatsch, Atlassian Director of Revenue. “Praecipio Consulting has gone above and beyond to provide innovative solutions to Atlassian clients, and we are delighted to support their continued growth and partnership with Periscope Equity.

“By leveraging the talented team and the experienced business that Praecipio Consulting has built, we believe the company will expand its capabilities to enable corporate clients to better execute their most critical workflow – software development – that “ate the world” of the Fortune 500 IT departments and Atlassian products were developed to optimize. With its strategic process improvement consulting capabilities, Praecipio Consulting can deliver not only excellence in technology and process, but also the excellence of people, allowing these organizations to achieve strategic and competitive performance at a higher level, “added Joe McIlhattan, vice-president at Periscope Equity.

About Praecipio Consulting

Praecipio Consulting is a leading business process and technology consulting firm based in Austin, Texas help organizations successfully achieve their digital transformation goals. Specializing in process frameworks including Agile, IT Service Management (ITSM), DevOps and Enterprise Service Management, Praecipio Consulting serves as a strategic partner to industry leaders and organizations of all sizes, optimizing business processes with the following robust products from Atlassian and other categories. advanced technologies. As an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner, Praecipio Consulting offers integrated business and technology solutions that help clients deliver an enjoyable customer experience, increase cost savings, and improve business performance. Since establishing an official partnership with Atlassian in 2008, Atlassian has recognized Praecipio Consulting as Partner of the Year for five of the past six years, including ITSM Partner of the Year in 2018 and Enterprise Services Partner of the Year in 2020. .

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About Periscope Equity

Periscope Equity is a ChicagoPrivate equity firm based on controlling investments in technology services and software companies in digital marketing, healthcare technology, security solutions and business process automation. Periscope Equity targets companies owned by their founders, which provide essential products and services, demonstrate a history of sustainable profitability and have known ways to accelerate their growth. In alignment with proven management teams, Periscope Equity provides strategic, operational and business expertise to generate superior returns on investment.

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