Reliance Jio Chairman Kiran Thomas Appointed New TM Forum Board Member to Support Telecom Digital Growth Program, Platforms and Services


Jio Platforms Leader Brings Extensive Experience of Large-Scale Platform Growth and Business Innovation to TM Forum Board and Members

London, UKTM Forum, the industry association that powers digital transformation through collaboration, today announced a new addition to its Board of Directors with the appointment of Kiran Thomas, President of Reliance Jio. Thomas brings extensive expertise in driving digital business, disruptive innovation, and network and IT transformation at one of the world’s largest connectivity service providers.

Jio has been a member of TM Forum since 2010 and has been innovating since its launch in 2016. Over the past five years, Jio has added over four hundred million customers and propelled India to the top of the world in internet consumption . . Throughout this time, Jio has leveraged the TM Forum code and frameworks extensively in creating its computing environment and infrastructure, including the TM Forum Open APIs as a software integration standard and the Open Digital Architecture (ODA ) as a model for its enterprise architecture.

Commenting on the nomination, Nik Willetts, CEO of TM Forum, said “TM Forum’s mission is to unlock sustainable growth through collaboration for the telecommunications industry. 2022 will be a key year for our industry’s growth agenda, and having the experience and ambition of our leadership is essential to driving the business success of our members and the industry at large. Kiran’s expertise will be essential as the Forum continues to help its members become more agile as they respond to the changing digital world.

TM Forums advice guides the strategy and success of the organization on behalf of its members. The Board of Directors determines how the Forum serves its members and the industry as a whole by setting direction, priorities, key themes and initiatives. The Board aims to have a representative balance of industry sectors and member geographies with multiple types of service providers, software vendors, equipment vendors and system integrators.

“I am delighted to welcome Kiran to the Board of Directors,” said Steffen Roehn, President, TM Forum, “Kiran’s knowledge and direct experience in helping to drive business growth and innovation in the telecommunications and digital sectors is invaluable to the TM Forum and its members. Seeing the growth of Jio and the innovative approach they have taken over the past few years makes me excited about the future of the Forum and the industry at large.

“It is an honor to join the TM Forum Board of Directors at a critical time for our industry,” added Thomas . “I look forward to working closely with other industry leaders to drive change that benefits the entire community of TM Forum members, and our broader, connected global society. Jio has been a member of the TM Forum since its inception, and during that time we have steadily grown stronger by leveraging the work of the TM Forum, most recently Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs.


Kiran Thomas is Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited and a director on the board of Reliance Jio. He has been part of the Reliance group for 25 years. At Jio, he is responsible for technology innovation and development of Jio’s next-generation software platforms. Jio has been a member of the TM Forum for 11 years.

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