TCS BOE Congratulates Board Members on Board Member Academy Certification


By Hannah Caver, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – The school board of schools in the city of Trussville met on Monday, October 25 to celebrate the progress made during the school year and the decrease in the number of COVID cases.

Neil congratulated Board members Kim DeShazo and Mark Sims on achieving Level 1 certification from the AASB School Board Member Academy. (Photo courtesy of TCS webpage)

In attendance were CTC Superintendent Dr. Pattie Neill, Kathy Brown (Board Chair), Dr. Steve Ward (Vice Chair), Mark Sims, Kim DeShazo and Sherrye Tolbert. Principals, Joy Tyner (Cahaba Elementary School), Dr Phyllis Faust (Magnolia Elementary School), Dr Lisa Lothpeich (Paine Elementary School), Jennifer Abney (Hewitt-Trussville Middle School), Tim Salem (Hewitt-Trussville High School) participated in the meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Pattie Neill discussed the TCS Culture Bumps training and the different diversity teams for schools that are in Trussville City Schools. Culture Bump, which recognizes differences and differences in behavior, while providing a specific step-by-step structure strategy for knowing exactly what to do when someone encounters a difference.

“This enhances and expands our character education program in our anti-bullying program,” said Neill. “These are usually the differences for bullying issues, so it improves our character education program and leads to what we’re working towards – real stuff on how to have a civil discourse rather than a speech. uncivil among the students. “

The school administration shared its enthusiasm for the performance of the students during the pandemic and their continued performance in the future. There was also an air of excitement in keeping a strong new school year. TCS has rehired retired teachers to work half-days and as “interventionist” in elementary and middle schools. These advocates help fill academic gaps for students who adapt from online courses to in-person classrooms.

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Dr. Rachel Poovey explained how COVID cases in schools continue to decline. Poovey said that as of the date of the scheduled board meeting, there were only four cases. Poovey added that he would continue to monitor these cases throughout the year.

“We’re always diligent in the cleanup and whatever people do to make sure we continue on this path,” said Poovey.

Neil congratulated board members Kim DeShazo and Mark Sims for achieving AASB School Board Member Academy Level 1. Neill also recognized National Merit Semifinalists Juliana Eberhardt and Judson Upchurch, as well as distinguished student Madeline Mann.

On other points, the Council approved:

  • Approve accounts payable for: September 2021;
  • Approve payroll: September 2021;
  • Approve the financial statements: September 2021;
  • Approve the minutes of the board working session and the minutes of the board meeting for September 21, 2021;
  • Approve the agreements for the use of the following facilities:
    • Use of basketball by young people in the main and auxiliary gymnasium of the middle school;
    • Use of basketball for the youth of the elementary gymnasium of Cahaba;
    • Use of basketball by young people in the main and auxiliary gymnasium of the secondary school;
    • Letters for Santa’s letterbox in each elementary school;
  • Endorse the Eagle Scout project for elementary schools;
  • Approve the foundation request for the opportunity to name Gym Magnolia;
  • Approve the following for the technology:
    • UA Powerschool enrollment;
    • VMware Emergency Rescue License;
    • TSA – HPE Aruba Central Subscription License;
  • Approve the agreement with dual enrollment at Jefferson State Community College;
  • Approve the following or C&I:
    • Do the math;
    • Successmaker;
    • Amplify;
    • Turnitin License;
  • Approve the affiliation agreement for the teaching of students of the University of Pheonix;
  • Approve the following excursions:
    • Department of Theater HTMS and HTHS;
    • HTHS Wrestling at Silver Spurs Arena;
    • HTHS Wrestling at the AHSAA State Tournament;
    • HTHS Wrestling at Mobile Civic Center;
    • HTHS Wrestling at Auburn University;
    • HTHS Wrestling at Jefferson HS (GA);
  • Approve the following offers:
    • 21-09 Chemicals and lawn for Magnolia Elementary;
    • 21-10 Cut of grass for Magnolia Elementary;
    • 21-11 Cleanup Submission for Paine Elementary;
  • Approve a project under $ 50,000 for the Motorola radio upgrade;
  • Approve a project of less than $ 50,000 for the installation of a new sound system at Hewitt-Trussville Middle School;
  • Approve the project for the security cameras; and
  • Approve the amended salary scale for the revisions to the replacement rate of pay and the addition of the rate of pay for student teachers effective November 8, 2021.

The other items approved were personal agenda items:

  • Approval of the recommendations of the superintendents regarding personnel changes, contracts, additional services and supplements;
  • A one-time allowance of $ 500 per employee for additional tasks to be performed that are associated with COVID; and
  • One-time allowance of $ 500 for the Superintendent for additional duties to be performed that are associated with COVID.

This meeting can be viewed on the Town of Trussville Schools YouTube page.

The November monthly board meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 6 p.m. in the board room at the central office. A working session will take place at 5:00 p.m. before the board meeting. The meeting of the board of directors and the working session will be broadcast live. A link will be posted on the TCS website at 4:45 p.m. on November 16, 2021.


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