Tom Fowler Law Firm Explains How Iowa Auto Insurance Laws Affect Personal Injury Claims


Tom Fowler, lawyer, tells residents of Des Moines how Iowa laws affect the outcome of an injury in a car or truck accident.

Des Moines, IA – When an Iowa resident has been injured in a car or truck accident, there are some important laws that affect what will happen after the accident when the injured person claims compensation for their losses.

Attorney Fowler, a personal injury attorney in Des Moines, advises the public that Iowa is a “responsible” state. This means that once the police and insurance companies determine who caused the crash, the person who caused the crash is responsible for paying the other driver’s damages.

Because this is real life, the two drivers often have to share the fault. The Des Moines auto accident attorney at Tom Fowler Law will also advise residents that Iowa has amended comparative negligence laws. This means that if one person is 50% responsible for the accident, that person cannot get anything back from the other driver.

But, for example, if it turns out that a driver is only responsible for 30% of the accident, he can claim 70% of the damages.

Here is where it becomes important to find a competent auto accident lawyer in Des Moines. At Tom Fowler Law, the firm employs a full-time investigator to double-ensure that its clients are not accused of more wrongdoing than they deserve. The investigator will verify every fact, including the police report and the adjusters’ reports.

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Founded by attorney Tom Fowler, Tom Fowler law firm is truly a family business. A US Marine Corp veteran, attorney Fowler is joined by his investigative brother, and his mother and sister, who bring years of medical experience to each case.

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